Cards for Peace

Cards for Peace are a set of ten different and stunningly beautiful art works taken from Pacem’s Youth Peace Art Program.  Each image is accompanied by a caption by the artist explaining their work.
Sets of 10 cards with envelopes are $20 per set. Purchase them here.


For this piece I wanted to show peace being “born” from the core of the Earth because even if today it doesn’t seem as though there is any form of peace due to all the events that have happened, the world still consists of peace within its self and us as a people. I drew the Earth similar to a cracked egg where doves are flying out of it. The large dove represents the “mother of peace.”  Overall this picture is representing peace as a foundation for our world and society.  




Our idea for world peace was for all the weapons, cruel words and all of the negative things to be melted down to create a new world. Every kind of person would help by placing one puzzle piece on the new globe where there was no hatred and no war.





The Game of Peace

In my art piece I try to show peace through the equalizing sport of soccer. I combined my love of soccer and everyone’s dream of peace in the world. All countries and all races are being joined together by the love of one sport. Just the small sport of soccer could make a little peace. Hopefully one day peace will spread through the world, but it starts with just the love being on a team with your friends, a ball, and a field.





The heart-shaped continents represent world peace. The people holding hands represents accepting everyone’s different views. The hands holding the earth are the hands of God. The rays radiate peace and love.