Remember, you can designate your United Way of Delaware pledge to go to Pacem in Terris by using a designation card. Here’s what you need to do. Enter the Agency Code 9058 and write Pacem in Terris in the Agency Name squares. If you need to enter our address, it is 401 N. West St., Wilmington, DE 19801.

Be sure to check that you want to receive a receipt from us. If you do not do this, your name will not be included in the list of donors that we receive from the United Way. It only includes the names of donors who have requested acknowledgement. As a further verification, please call us at 302-656-2721 to let us know that you are making a donation to us through the United Way. (We need to be able to keep the names straight, since our Ulster Project Delaware also receives contributions this way.)

Giving via the United Way of Delaware is simple and greatly appreciated.