Did you know you can contribute to Pacem in Terris through the internet without spending a dime?

All you need to do is use GoodSearch as your search engine, instead of Google. GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo!, so you get great results.

First, go to and enter “Delaware Pacem in Terris” as the organization you want to support. Each time you use GoodSearch, Yahoo donates a penny to Delaware Pacem in Terris. It can add up quickly!

Search with GoodSearch now (and help Pacem)

Note: some of us who have been using GoodSearch have noticed that the designated charity (Delaware Pacem in Terris) does not always show up on the first screen, where it should appear in the space under “Who do you GoodSearch for?” If it doesn’t, please re-register Delaware Pacem in Terris as the organization you want to support.