Use Goodshop when you’re online and want to buy something NEW

Did you know you can contribute to Pacem in Terris through the internet without spending an extra dime??

Consider making on-line purchases through

First, go to and enter “Delaware Pacem in Terris” as the organization you want to support.* Then, choose from over 700 stores to shop, and a percentage (usually around 0.5-5.0%) of your purchase amount will be donated to Delaware Pacem in Terris. Purchase prices are not inflated to accommodate the donation; prices are the same, whether you access an on-line store directly or through the GoodShop website.

Here are some of the stores that are featured on GoodShop, along with the percentage amounts that they (1.5%); Apple Store (1%); Barnes & Noble (3%); Expedia (1%); FTD (7%); Hewlitt-Packard (2%); iTunes (2.5%); Lands’ End (4%); LL Bean (2%); Kohl’s (2%); Old Navy (3%); Gap (3%); (5.5%). For some of these stores, special deals and gift cards have restrictions. For example, LL Bean will only make the 2% donation for gift cards that are at least $25.

So, if you’re someone who shops on-line at a store featured on GoodShop, this is a really great way to support Delaware Pacem in Terris without spending an extra dime!

*Caution: always be sure the “Delaware Pacem in Terris” appears in the field that says “Who do you GoodShop for?” If it doesn’t pop up automatically when you return to the GoodShop website, just re-enter