Reducing Recidivism Through Support Groups and Mentoring for Ex-Offenders

New Beginnings-Next Step is a support group run both with and for ex-offenders.  It has been established to help men and women successfully transition from incarceration to freedom.

New Beginnings-Next Step grew out of the New Beginnings programs at Howard R. Young, Baylor, and other correctional institutions. New Beginnings creates a community of support, reinforcement, and accountability for those seeking to move forward with their lives while still in prison.

New Beginnings-Next Step 
was created for group participants who sought to continue the courageous but rewarding work of personal growth and change after their release from prison. Previous participation in New Beginnings is not mandatory for those interested in New Beginnings-Next Step.

Life after prison can be incredibly challenging. Odds of recidivism are high. Old friends and old surroundings can speed the return of old habits and old ways of thinking. Too often, the sincere decisions to live different or better lives don't stand up to the challenges and temptations of the street.

New Beginnings-Next Step offers a chance to network with others who share and celebrate the ex-offender's will to remain free. We provide community and support through weekly meetings. We also provide situational, relationship-based aid and informal mentoring opportunities with our concerned, caring community volunteers.

New Beginnings-Next Step meetings take place on Saturday at 3 P.M. at Wilmington Friends Meeting House, 401 N. West St., Wilmington, DE. For more information on how you might help, call 302-299-5600. And for more information visit their Facebook page.

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