Pacem Educational Programs

Pacem Education is a series of experiential programs that provide students with perspective and information about critical peace, justice and environmental issues confronting our world.

For example, The World Peace Game puts students in charge of the global economy and has them solve the critical problems confronting each region. Another game puts students in charge of the Mideast and has them bering peace to that region.

Most programs are available in grade-appropriate formats for Middle School, High School and college level students. All are interactive, fast-paced, and involve the student.

To bring one of these programs to your school, contact Pacem in Terris at 302-656-2721 or here.

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See what we—and you—can really do about global warming

The Climate ChangeGame puts you in charge of the global climate in a fast-paced multimedia simulation. It's an epic, multidimensional race between the rising temperature of the Earth, human greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change abatement activities.

The temperature is rising. What can you do? What are you going to do? Will it be enough soon enough? What happens if you, and the rest of the players, don't succeed?

The Climate ChangeGame, grounded in the latest scientific findings on climate change, puts 20 to 100 or more participants in charge of the global climate. Players act as leaders of governments, corporations, organizations, and as individuals as they make decisions that impact the global climate. While doing this, they learn about the options we have and what they can do to help avert climate change disaster.

This simulation gets you thinking and acting using a new perspective and set of tools. Players, in teams representing the various actors and systems responsible for climate change, respond to the increasing crisis of global warming. Teams include Governments, the CorporationsOrganizations, and Individuals. Each of these sectors starts with a different set of policy options and actions they can implement that will impact climate change. During the course of the simulation new options emerge from player interactions and creativity.

Players learn about the challenges (and opportunities) of coming climate change, as well as develop and test out various strategies and actions that could mitigate, slow, or reverse the slide into the changed climate future in which we will all be living.

The simulation works well as a vehicle for deepening understanding of this complex issue, the exploration and development of options, and motivation for action. It's also good from the point of view that it is a socializing event— it can place strangers together on teams where they communicate and work together solving problems while having fun.

The Game is a great way to learn a huge amount about the global climate issue in a short amount of time in a real world setting while having fun. The simulation addresses the question— Now what? What actions can we do that will make a difference? And it then provides players with the opportunity to take those actions.

Climate ChangeGame

  • Program length: 2 to 3.5 hours.
  • Follow-up activities/lesson plans for teachers to do after the program: Yes.

Cost: $500 to $800 for class depending on class group size and location (distance from Wilmington, DE).

The above graphic is from John Nelson at UXBlog.


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'Perspective is more important than IQ.  
—Nicholas Negroponter


Global Perspectives is an interactive, experiential program that brings the world into the classroom. Through a series of fast-paced and fun activities the students come away with a global perspective on their world, culture, environment, and economy— as well as their prerogatives and responsibilities as global and local citizens.


Using a giant map of the world, this program brings a global perspective to your classroom. Students populate the map in the historical sequence that humanity showed up on our planet.  They see the whole world from an astronaut's perspective. On the map, they are 4,000 milks "tall", satellites go into orbit at the height of the top of their foot, and the highest mountains are the height of a dime. The program is fun, interactive, and learning filled.


Global Perspectives

  • Program length: 1 to 1.5 hours.
  • Follow-up activities/lesson plans for teachers to do after the program: Yes.
  • Cost: $300 to $500 for class depending on class size, age and location (distance from Wilmington, DE).

For more information, costs and scheduling: contact us at or call 302-656-2721

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The youth of the world have consistently changed the world for the better. Now it is your student's turn.  Young people need to be engaged as leaders, and to assume their leadership positions on a global stage. Youth “own” more of the future than older people.  They will be here for longer amounts of time then their elders; therefore they have a bigger stake in the future. It is their future and they need to get good at it.  They need to learn about the power they already have, and how to use it to change their life and the world.

What it is

The Pacem Leadership Game begins with a brief interactive exercise that involves the entire audience in determining and exercising the qualities of leadership that everyone possesses and uses. Vision, values, knowledge, communication, character, initiative, risk taking, perseverance, problem solving, integrity, and action are illustrated in the context of our rapidly changing global technology, economy and culture. Youth's role as change agents, students as leaders of change, the role of education in increasing the power and effectiveness of leadership, responsible leadership in the 21st century, and leadership roles for youth in today’s world is all covered in a multimedia, interactive mode. Special attention is paid to what the world should and could be like—with the student's leadership. Additional leadership activities involve students in problem solving, envisioning, and communication. Topics are woven together in ways that make academic subjects relevant and important, and provide a creative path for students to get involved in their world. Numerous leadership development activities that involve self-discovery, values clarification, goal setting, action planning, communication, and group problem solving permeate the training. Students come away with an increased understanding of their world and what they can do to as leaders to make it a better place. The Pacem Leadership Game is an interactive, experiential program that places 10 or more (up to 200) of your students in charge of their own life and challenges them to come up with a strategic plan for the next five to ten years. It also challenges them to take a leadership position in one or more of the communities in which they are members.  It also provides the tools to do all of this.  It is an excellent way of increasing your student’s leadership capacity and desire to get involved—and it does so in a relatively short amount of time while students are having fun. This plan incorporates what they are doing, and want to be doing, at your school and the other communities in which they participate. The Game enables your students to see how they fit into the “big picture” and how to make changes in their community through their leadership. Typical programs run three to five hours, depending on your needs, but shorter programs are available. The Pacem Leadership Game is a playful way of dealing with one of the most serious subjects there is—who am I and what am I going to do? The Game provides the space and organizational tools to also answer, "How am I going to do what I need to do?"  The Pacem Leadership Game informs and inspires through examples of youth that have exercised their leadership to change the world. It points out the everyday opportunities for youth leadership in contemporary society—and provides the tools for leadership that youth can use immediately. The program connects the problems of our local and global communities with leadership opportunities in ways that empower students and resonate with their values. In the Pacem Leadership Game students are engaged in a mix of multi-person activities, individual exercises, discussion and action.  Students learn how to be leaders, and then practice what they’ve learned.


Pacem Leadership

  • Program length: 15 to 2.5 hours.
  • Follow-up activities/lesson plans for teachers to do after the program: Yes.
  • Cost: $500 to $800 for class depending on class size, age and location (distance from Wilmington, DE).

For more information, costs and scheduling: contact us at or call 302-656-2721


Download World PeaceGame flyer

The World PeaceGame is an interactive, involving, experiential activity that puts you and your class, school, or organization in charge of bringing peace to the world.  It provides a framework for understanding the world and creating a culture of peace.

In the course of the World PeaceGame players communicate, negotiate, resolve conflicts, set goals, solve problems and use their values, vision, creativity, and imagination as they work together to build peace.  The game is highly structured yet free-flowing; information rich, yet easy to learn and play; as well as intense, fast, and fun. Players learn about the complexities of conflict, the costs of war, the price of peace, and what can be done to resolve conflicts in ways that bring peace to the world. And as in the real world, they can also lose. Players in the World PeaceGame begin as adversaries—and if successful— end as colleagues.

The World PeaceGame provides a framework for understanding the world and creating a culture of peace that leads not to just a world without war, but a just world where the exciting, dynamic possibilities of a world that works for 100% of humanity becomes a tangible and affordable reality. A wide variety of local, regional, national and global conflict situations are available to focus on. Want to try to bring peace to the Middle East? Ukraine? Iraq? India/Pakistan? The hot spot this week? The World PeaceGame puts you in a position to do so.

How It Works

Pacem in Terris and you decide on what the focus of your World PeaceGame will be. Then we come to your location and run the game. Participants join teams that are in charge of the various sides of a given conflict. They receive Game Cards that structure the game and inform the various participants of the situation they are embedded within, and their positions. A multimedia program drives the entire event forward.

Objectives of the World PeaceGame:

  • • Increase participants understanding of complex and interrelated global issues
  • Increase understanding of the dynamics of conflict, peace, peace building, sustainable and just peace and development
  • Provide experience and training in communicating, negotiating, resolving conflict and reaching agreement
  • Provide an outlet for the creativity, imagination, energy and enthusiasm of the participants, and channel this towards bringing peace to and deepening peace in the world
  • Connect participants to a way of seeing and getting involved in the world that does not stop when the "game" stops
  • Turn the "audience" into participants and turn the participants into engaged citizens after the "game"
  • Have a fun time working together.


  • Program length: 2 to 3.5 hours.
  • Follow-up activities/lesson plans for teachers to do after the program: Yes.
  • Cost: $500 to $800 for class depending on class size, age and location (distance from Wilmington, DE).

For more information and scheduling: contact us at or call 302-656-2721.

Pacem Education Projects

Host Children's Peace Art

peace art opening 4

The Pacem in Terris Children’s Peace Art Exhibition is an opportunity for all of us to learn from our younger citizens what the world should be like. As part of the Pacem in Terris 50th Anniversary in 2017 we are “going back to our roots”— the initial innocence of youth, its vision and idealism— as a way of looking forward to the next 50 years.

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