Peace on Earth

Pacem in Terris (Latin for “Peace on Earth”) was founded by an interfaith group of clergy and business leaders (Rev. Albert Neilson, Msgr. Thomas Reese, Rabbi Herbert Drooz, Rabbi Jacob Kraft, Richard Rhoads, and Charles Robinson) in Wilmington, Delaware in 1967.  For 50 years it has facilitated the active participation of people and organizations on issues and projects relevant to the quest for peace, justice, and sustainability throughout the world. It is an independent, member-supported non-profit organization whose work embodies a creative mix of hope and vision with pragmatic education and positive action.

Our Mission

Peace with justice— for a world restored, thriving and secure, for all, forever.

Pacem in Terris is a grassroots, non-partisan, interfaith, member-supported non-profit organization that brings together people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and professions for the purpose of positive peaceful change on the local, national and global level. It helps people understand that peace is not just the absence of war, violence and conflict, but a vibrant, thriving, safe, secure and sustainable neighborhood and world— that peace is a necessity for survival, not a luxury for the affluent.

Pacem fosters a long-term and big picture view on present day problems and couples this perspective with local actions that lead to progressive change.  We see hope as where vision meets the future. Pacem seeks to make hope real— where hope grapples with the difficult quagmires of a violent and complicated world and transforms them into practical peaceful possibilities and then realities. Where peace becomes deep; where peace grows into a healthy world growing stronger and more resilient in an increasingly vibrant environment.

Pacem in Terris has been on the front lines of the movements for peace, ending racism, anti-apartheid, nuclear freeze, disarmament, peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland, ending the death penalty, stopping gun violence, restorative justice, non-violent conflict resolution, environmental sustainability, global awareness and local action.

death penalty repeal

Board of Directors

  • Rob Abel
  • David Andrews
  • Tim Barchak
  • Mary Browne
  • Maya Baruch
  • Judith Butler
  • Shane Cannon
  • Jason Churchill
  • June Eisley
  • Walter Ferris
  • Christine Frick  
  • Andy Jacob
  • John Kornegay
  • Rachel Livingston
  • Heather McAdams
  • Dorothy Medieros
  • Liam Reynolds
  • Mary Starkweather-White
  • Terry Walls
  • Paul Wishengrad

Our Staff

  • Medard Gabel – Executive Director
  • Carolyn Bitzer – Program Coordinator, Youth Peace Art Project
  • Jennifer Hill - Administrative Assistant

Our Interns

  • Steven Goodrich
  • Moira O’Mally
  • Sarah Coughlan
  • Heather McAdams
  • Alessandra Chapman
  • Gabrielle Hunt
  • Molly Bado
  • David Wayland
  • Kelly Mumford
  • Blaise Glowiak
  • Rachel Bailey
  • Piara Biggs
  • Anjanae Wilmore

Our Volunteers

  • Mary Gabel – Graphic Design
  • Andrea Withers – Administration
  • M.P. Moon – Computer Specialist
  • Alice Davis
  • Tom Davis
  • Pat Bartoshesky
  • Mary Worth
  • Joanne Dalecki
  • Sarah Marshall
  • Kevin Marshall
  • Ginny Savopoulos
  • Olga Ramirez
  • Dottie and Glenn Davis