10 Steps to Nonviolent Wilmington

We’re well on our way. Join us!

  1. Create a local steering committee; write a mission and vision statement; and imagine and discuss what your community would look like if it were a Nonviolent City.
  2. Find a mainstream institution that will be the base for your Nonviolent City project. This could be a community center, library, religious institution, or service organization.
  3. Set up a website, social media page, and local media committee to promote the vision of a Nonviolent City.
  4. Create a volunteer list, network, and organizing base to do systematic outreach. 
  5. Reach out to every sector of the community to help promote and build a more nonviolent city. That means the mayor and the police, religious leaders and communities, civic leaders, educators and healthcare workers, housing authorities, prison officials, youth and grassroots activists, non-profit community groups, including poor and marginalized, children, and the elderly.
  6. Help people to imagine what Wilmington would look like as a Nonviolent City. See that vision as a goal, and the years ahead as a journey toward that goal, of which everyone can be a part.
  7. Study violence in Wilmington in all its forms, and begin to systematically address these forms of violence. How can the violence end? How can people and the city institutionally become more nonviolent?
  8. Meet with the mayor and city council to discuss your vision of a Nonviolent Wilmington.
  9. Attend city council meetings as a group to monitor actions and propose concrete steps help Wilmington become more nonviolent.
  10. Organize a public city-wide launch that is inclusive, celebratory, and visionary—but also offers concrete tasks for new volunteers. Declare our collective vision of a Nonviolent Wilmington!
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