Nonviolent Cities Project

The Nonviolent Cities Project: 50 cities and counting

The Nonviolent Cities Project not only envisions that cities could become nonviolent, it is working with local organizers to make this vision a reality across the U.S. and the world.


where everyone strives to practice nonviolence
where all our institutions teach and promote nonviolence
and where violence no longer runs rampant


Nonviolent Wilmington has been inspired by many sources­—the revolutionary Gandhi, the empowering Martin Luther King—and, since 2014, Delaware’s Movement for a Culture of Peace. We believe that it’s possible to make this culture of peace a reality, to realize our desire to live together in beloved community. It’s time to do this!

campaign nonviolence

Campaign Nonviolence (a project of Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service) engages with key activists across the U.S. to create more just and nonviolent cities. Nonviolent Cities started with Carbondale, Illinois, and their project, “Nonviolent Carbondale,” where people from every aspect of life in Carbondale have been working for years to create a nonviolent community.

When Pace e Bene’s John Dear visited Carbondale, he saw how every major institution was working to build a nonviolent city—including the city council, police department, school system, library system, health care system, religious communities, and business and nonprofit organizations. This is our model.

We are well on the way toward organizing Nonviolent Wilmington as a potent force in the community. 

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