Who Are We?

Today’s Inclusive Campaign:
Tomorrow’s Nonviolent Future

Nonviolent Wilmington is a project of the Movement for a Culture of Peace (MCP), a broad-based coalition of faith, nonprofit, and community groups formed in response to rising violence in Delaware. An annual March for a Culture of Peace has been held since 2014, most recently in partnership with 302 Guns Down, a grassroots anti-violence campaign. 

With dozens of partner organizations, MCP sponsored public forums and peace activities in Wilmington neighborhoods affected by violence. In 2016, the Movement created Peace Week Delaware to advocate for nonviolent solutions to Delaware’s high rate of violence and other justice issues. The fourth annual Peace Week Delaware will be held from Sept. 21–29, 2019. It will culminate in the public declaration of Nonviolent Wilmington.

What Are We Doing?

Nonviolent Wilmington organizers are reaching out to promote our vision, teach nonviolence, and inspire people at every level in our city to work together for a new nonviolent community and future. Outreach will include:

religious and civic leaders
business leaders, owners, entrepreneurs, and workers
nonprofit social service providers
youth and grassroots activists
educators and healthcare workers
the poor, homeless. and marginalized, including returning citizens
children and the elderly
mayor and city council members
law enforcement, the police, prosecutors, and corrections officers
news reporters and local media
housing professionals and advocates for the homeless

Join Our Team

With the help of everyone on this list (and others not yet thought of) we will address the issues of violence in Wilmington and work to transform our city into a nonviolent community. As we begin to gather in organizing meetings, claiming together our shared vision of nonviolent future for Wilmington, more and more people will adopt this vision and welcome a new culture of nonviolence. Let us know how you can help!

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