“Engaging Nonviolence” Workshops Will Resume in September

Nonviolent Wilmington announces the resumption of its popular workshops based on the study guide Engaging Nonviolence: Activating Nonviolence in Our Lives and Our World by Veronica Pelicaric and Nina Koevoets. Our original in-person workshops were suspended in March due to the pandemic, but we have now developed a virtual curriculum that can be shared on Zoom.

The Workshops

The Engaging Nonviolence study program is composed of fifteen two-hour small-group sessions. In September, we will resume our sequence with Part I. Each group will have 10 to 15 oarticipants, including two experienced facilitators.

Then in October, we’ll invite all who have completed Part I—including two previous cohorts from February—to join Part II workshops. And in early 2021, we hope to create a large cadre to engage with Part III.

Part I (sessions 1–6) explores aspects of violence and nonviolence as a power for change. Part II (sessions 7–11) explores the impact of nonviolence in the life of the person and society. Finally, Part III (sessions 12–15) guides participants in learning about nonviolent strategic response and action organizing.

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Build a Basic Understanding—Gain Skills & Strategies

Engaging Nonviolence workshops are experiential.The three-part curriculum is structured so that people start by building a basic understanding of nonviolence, then gain skills and knowledge, and lastly learn to strategize to put what they have learned into action. Participants are encouraged to develop not only a philosophical understanding of the subject, but also gain basic skills and make the material their own.

The workshops are free, but beginning participants are asked to purchase a copy of Engaging Nonviolence ($25 from Nonviolent Wilmington) for use during each session. Copies will be available at the first session (cash or check). If you cannot afford the book, free or reduced-price copies will be available.

To register, fill out this form, indicating
your best day and time for a two-hour meeting.

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or contact any member of the steering committee.

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