Building Peace in Times of Conflict

In the Darkest Times, We Reach for Connection

We all want to live and thrive; no one wants to experience war. Our hearts break witnessing the death and destruction in Ukraine; but through it all, we embrace hope in the strength of humanity.

We watch in awe as grassroots organizations in Ukraine dismantle street signs to prevent invading troops from finding their way. We listen and look to historically marginalized groups who are the global majority both within the United States and abroad, who navigate power inequities daily and put forth non-violent strategies. We support African consulates working to get their citizens out of Ukraine as anti-Black sentiment rears its head. And we stand with the more than 5,000 Russians who have been arrested as they take to the streets, lifting their voices against war.

In the darkest times, we reach for connection; all struggles for freedom are interwoven. When we feel helpless in the face of armed conflict across the globe, we can remember that there is strength in solidarity. Witnessing the struggles of Ukrainians can help us to have empathy for millions of others facing totalitarian regimes and injustices in countless countries every day. It can help us to lift our voices in support of every human who is being oppressed, whether they are Ukrainian, Black, Arab, or American: We are all connected, and in times of powerlessness, we can look to our own neighbors and lift up those around us.

As we work to shed light on injustices here and abroad, let us advocate for investment in youth, learning, playing, healing; endeavors that spread joy; livelihoods that foster caring and love. Pacem in Terris is dedicated to this work—and we are focusing locally with a restorative, trauma-informed lens. We must address the harm that has been done in our own neighborhoods, to heal and move forward, because the way forward to a peaceful world is to start at home.

Non-violence means understanding our privilege and asking ourselves how best to use it. We feel the responsibility of our choices and know thought and actions are needed. We affirm peaceful traditions, interfaith approaches, and coalitions beyond borders. If you are looking for a way to help in Ukraine, please consider these options, organizations doing the life-affirming work of non-violent protest by caring for our fellow human beings.

Medical aid:

Refugee support: or

Polish Humanitarian Action:

Independent Russian Media:

In peace,

Pacem in Terris

Delaware Pacem in Terris is a grassroots organization focused on achieving peace through justice. We believe that together we can restore our communities and foster a healthier world where we can all thrive. We welcome you to join us on a journey of creating a more just and equitable community! Reach out to us at

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Photo: Feb. 24 protest in Moscow (Creative Commons License)

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