Nonviolent Wilmington Joins with Pacem in Terris

A combination of efforts for peace and justice.
Engaging Nonviolence workshops will continue in the fall.

Nonviolent Wilmington (NVW) is excited to announce that we have joined Pacem in Terris, Delaware’s renowned advocate for peace and justice. The union of Nonviolent Wilmington with Pacem in Terris is neither a merger nor an acquisition, but a combination of efforts to expand, energize, and amplify nonviolent education and action in Delaware and beyond.

With the support of Pacem in Terris, NVW will continue to offer the Engaging Nonviolence study program that we launched in early 2020. To date, more than 50 people have begun the 15-week program and more than 30 have completed all three parts of the curriculum.

NVW’s registration lists have been transferred to Pacem in Terris. Our steering committee will become a program committee within Pacem. Jeff Lott will act as the program chair until a new chair is chosen in the fall. (Jeff is also chair of the Pacem in Terris board of directors.)

The need for nonviolent solutions to the critical issues facing our communities has never been greater. From peace in the world to addressing gun violence in Wilmington, we must summon our local and national communities to address violence in all its aspects, structures, and systems; to connect the dots between different forms of violence; and to pursue a holistic, creative, community-wide culture of peace.

The vision of Pacem in Terris—founded in 1967 by local activists and interfaith leaders in opposition to the Vietnam War—is that peace is not just the absence of war, violence, and conflict, but a vibrant, thriving, safe, secure, and sustainable neighborhood and world. Pacem in Terris believes that peace is a necessity for our survival.

NVW was inspired and encouraged by Pace e Bene, which published Engaging Nonviolence and organizes national and international efforts to promote nonviolent social change. Pace e Bene also launched the national Nonviolent Cities program, which lists more than 30 cities—including Wilmington—among its active groups.

Nonviolent Wilmington seeks what Martin Luther King called “the beloved community.” You can find out more about NVW by exploring this website. Start with our Vision, think about how you might help us achieve it through the Ten Steps to a Nonviolent Wilmington, sign up for a workshop, and make your own commitment to create a culture of peace in our city and state.

If you wish to add your name and email to the Pacem in Terris/NVW mailing list, fill out and submit this form. Be sure to let us know if you’re interested in our Engaging Nonviolence workshops, which will begin again in the fall.

And in the meantime, spread some love and make some change! Without violence.

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